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September is Senior Care Month


Any pet is eligible for this senior pet care month special, thanks to Idexx Laboratories.  Senior blood testing can catch early problems such as kidney and liver failure before it requires hospitalization and treatment.   With a regular exam, we can provide


1.  A senior screen of a complete blood count (CBC), 25 blood chemistry tests, a thyroid test and a urinalysis test for $145.00.  Normally all of these tests would cost $193.45.

We recommend this senior test if there are no other medical problems.


2.  A geriatric screening with the above senior tests, plus a 2nd thyroid test called a free T4; the total for these tests will be $178.00.

We recommend this geriatric test if the older dog is arthritic, has had a high cholesterol in the past and/or may have a low thyroid condition; the normal costs would be $237.50.


3.  Senior screen plus a heartworm, 3x tick diseases and a fecal test; the total of this dog special is $ 192.50.  These tests are highly recommended for a dog that has traveled, has arthritis and/or has not had a heartworm test in the last year.  Normally these tests would be $257.00.


      The laboratory does require the fecal and the urine test to be sent in at the same time.  You can stop by and pick up a urine ladle for collecting urine on dogs and some plastic beads for cats ($ additional cost).  The fecal can be collected the night before and refrigerated; we also have some ice packs available to keep the fecal cool overnight elsewhere upon request.

      If we have examined the patient within the last year, a physical is not required for a healthy patient yet there will be a $24.50 office call.  The above fees do include a blood draw for the month of September for the above specials.


      To schedule an appointment and/or pick up some urine collecting materials call 303-678-8387 during 8-5:30 Monday-Friday or 8-noon on Saturday.